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Trust without Boarders Section 18 MST

A couple weeks before I went to hike this section I visited the Outer Banks to check it out. The trail Angel for this section was very nice and met me to drive it with me, and give suggestions. I quickly realized that it was going to be a difficult section to try to find a place to camp and water sources. I was planning on hiking in February and the campgrounds and a lot of the public facilities were closed.


I decided to get creative and start looking for a way. I decided to take our camper down there for a week and invited my good friend Pam, who shares the love of hiking, to go with me. We both drove so we could park the car at the end of where we wanted to hike, and drive to where we wanted to start hiking. This worked out great for us. We accomplished what we wanted to do and had a place to stay. It was an amazing week.

We both wondered if we would be able to walk many miles a day, in the sand, every day. We quickly found out that we could, and we did!!


The first two days I was very tired and had to crash for about an hour after I returned. After that, the days were easier and I seemed to have more energy and clarity. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but on the fourth day, I had a very realistic, vivid dream that was very symbolic in meaning. It was an amazing experience that I am not quite ready to share the details of yet, but I will in my book. I am finding that when I walk many miles, my dreams are more vivid, and I seem to remember them more.

A Lesson on the Power of your Mind

I am learning about the power of my mind and my thoughts on this hiking journey, and how my mind seems to program my body ahead of time. If I was planning to walk 7 miles, at mile 6, I would start to get tired, and would notice any physical uncomfortable pains I may be experiencing at the time. If I set out to hike 10 miles, I would start to get tired at mile nine, if I set out to walk 15 miles, I would start to get tired at mile 14. It’s really an amazing thing, the power of our mind. My intention would get me there every time and I would not really notice my physical body starting to tire until the goal was in reach and close at hand. Then I felt it, without a doubt, LOL. Our only limits are our thoughts and beliefs.

The Experience

I walked miles and miles of Sea Shore that had only been touched by the crashing of waves. As far as I could see, there was only this beautiful creation.

It was vast, and beyond amazing. The waves rolled in and back, in rhythm with the Universe. The rays of the sun warmed my soul and danced on the ocean, illuminating its beauty and its power. The clouds were alive, dancing with the rhythm with the waves. All this, creating an experience etched in my soul that would leave me with no doubt, that this wonder of nature before me, was touched by the hand of the Divine.

I found myself taken into the depths and the heights of the mystery. I found myself in rhythm with the waves, and the warmth of the sun. I felt completely merged with this magnificence creation that was before me, a feeling of divine connectedness. A feeling of oneness. It was ecstasy to my soul. For a moment, it seemed I crossed the bridge between the physical and the Spiritual. I try to capture it in words, I long to experience again. Somehow, I know, it is like water. You can never touch the same water twice, just as you can never quite have the same experience twice. This is what makes it sacred. These sacred experiences are found being fully present, in the presence of the moment.

A song in my playlist I hadn’t heard in a couple of years came on that was so perfect to fit with this experience. It raised it to another level.

Oceans, (Where my Feet may Fail) Hillsong

I feel this in the depths of my soul. It is my humble prayer.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders,

let me walk upon the water, wherever you may call me,

take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder,

take me to the depths of the mystery.

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