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The Storm Section 6 MST

As I sat in my tent to wait for the rain to stop, the wind started to pick up and Boom! The loudest thunder I have ever heard. It felt like it shook the mountain to its core and the rain started pouring. I started to get a little concerned because I could not access any weather alerts on my phone, so I texted Jeff to have him check the weather. He didn’t come up with any good information and I was getting more scared by the minute. Lighting was everywhere and the trees were whipping around. I could hear branches cracking and falling. Not a great sound to hear when I am cooped up in a small tent with trees all around. Then I remembered I had to cross the stream three times to get up there. Holy cow! I might not be able to get out. I texted Jeff and told him I was coming down and he needed to come and get me.

Yes, I abandoned my camp. I grabbed my gun, headlamp, car keys and my trekking poles and ran down that mountain in the storm like a crazy wild woman. I moved faster than I had in years. Rain was running down the trails like a river. Some of it was deep and going off the side like a water fall into the river. When I got to the stream crossings, the stepping stones were gone and the water was brown, deep and flowing fast. I just went through it as fast as I could. The water was up to my knees in the stream crossings. I didn’t care about anything but getting down.

Lightning was all around me and I started to get concerned about having my trekking sticks in my hands so I tried not to let them touch the ground, lol, like that would make a difference.

I was totally focused coming down that mountain. When I reached the bottom, the storm was letting up and was moving out. I was standing there in amazement of what I had just done. It was truly exhilarating and I hadn’t felt that much alive in a long time.

 The Ranger came by and gave me a ride up closer to the gate where Jeff would be picking me up. He informed me that I was camped in a water shed. When Jeff arrived, I was so relieved to be going home. We still had to get my car from the parkway so it was over two hours back home. We arrived about 10:30.

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