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The last few years have been very transformative. In 2012, I found myself in a huge life event that almost left me devastated. Instead of getting a job in the corporate world and feeling lifeless, I began a journey of self-discovery.

What do I like? What is authentic to me? What is my life’s purpose? I started to walk out in nature almost every day. This helped me find tremendous healing. I began to let go of things that no longer served me and change beliefs that no longer made sense.

I re-wrote my story, turning the negatives into positives. I discovered the transformative healing powers of spending time in nature. The time I spent in the wilderness restored me physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I found my authenticity, my vision, my clarity. I found my path to freedom.

In 2016, I challenged myself to walk 1000 miles. In November 2016, I completed the challenge. It was truly an amazing journey. I lost 35 pounds and walked away diabetes.

When I began to walk, heart-shaped rocks appeared in my path consistently and abundantly. I believe they were placed in my path as a symbol of hope and love and a message that I am on the right path. I find them all the time, hence all the pictures of heart-shaped rocks.

In April 2016, I decided to go on a vision quest, all alone. I loaded up my backpack and decided to go up to primitive campsite F, at Stone Mountain park.

On the hike up the mountain, so many heart-shaped rocks were in my path, giving me faith that I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing. Seeing these stones helped me overcome my fear and anxiety. When I reached the camp spot, there was a huge heart-shaped rock to sitting around the fire pit, and I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be. From that vision quest, many things transformed. Whispers of Nature was brought into existence, and today it is unfolding into reality.

I had been interested in hiking the Mountains-to-Sea trail since I first discovered it in 2007. I hiked a few sections, but very sporadically. So, on February 10, 2017, I began my journey of hiking the 1,175 mile trail across the state of North Carolina.

I finished hiking the trail on February 10, 2018. It was one of the most amazing, healing, fun, exhilarating, experiences of my life. The people I met and hiked with made it extra special.

I have continued to build upon my vision.Today, Whispers of Nature is a 501 C-3 nonprofit for women with a mission and a purpose.

The mission is to inspire community connection for women through outdoor adventures of transformation, building healthy, balanced lifestyles.

The purpose is to strengthen real life community connections, support, and friendships for women, while inspiring participants to discover their own courage, strength, and resilience, building healthy, balanced lifestyles of transformation through outdoor activities in Nature.

I look forward to what the future holds, all the amazing women I will meet, the sole sister connections to be made, and adventures yet to come.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of many.

With much gratitude,