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Catherine’s Lessons

With 1 in 4 people being diagnosed with some kind of cancer, another story may not be that

interesting…., but what makes it valuable is sharing the personal lessons that one is able to

learn along the journey.

We’re conditioned to respond deeply and seriously to a cancer diagnosis as many of us have

lost loved ones to cancers, many times after long, harsh treatments that do not extend life.

First and foremost, and an aspect all of us can learn from, is facing death with acceptance, grace

and dignity whenever it may happen.  I heard recently during a meditation that we need to be

at peace with our dying before healing can begin.  Cancer brings this to the forefront which I

believe is a positive and healthy view.

My husband asked me the other day, “If this were your last day, what would you do ?”  My answers

included communicating to every person I love of that fact, enjoying delicious, favorite foods, as much

as I could hold, sitting in the sunshine, holding hands, laughing, admiring our beautiful world and

soaking in that wonderful peace that flowers, trees and nature feed me.  A peaceful, happy day !!

Why do I have to think this is my last day to do those things that bring peace and enjoyment?  What

if I did even one or two of them every day?

My own journey started 3 years ago with a surprise Ovarian Cancer diagnosis followed by surgery

chemo and being cancer free for 2.5 years before being surprised again to learn my cancer had

returned.  (We were on our way to spend the holiday with family in California when I was hospitalized

with a kidney stone in New Mexico!! The CT showed my cancer had recurred..)

Since chemo worked the first time, I reluctantly decided to do that again but after one treatment with

all the horrible side effects, I decided to try alternative therapies and only use chemo as a last resort.

There is a lot of information available on alternative treatments and much of what I’m practicing came

from a series of podcasts we watched called, “The Truth About Cancer, a Global Quest” which I highly

recommend…also a book called “Radical Remissions” and another series called, “Chris Beat Cancer.”

The information took away the fear of cancer and gave me hope. Many of these therapies are still not

available in the US but knowledge is changing this and hopefully more treatments will be available to

us locally in the future.

For now, I am focusing on nutrition and supplements to build my own immune system, exercise,

meditation, and receiving and giving love to myself and others. Right now, I feel healthy, eat and

sleep well and focus on enjoying this day that I woke up to with joy and peace.  It isn’t always easy

but absolutely necessary for healing and wholeness.

The kayak trip represents another important therapy available to any human in need of physical,

emotional or spiritual support; that being the positive acts of others to uplift, feed our souls and

bring positive joy in the midst of trying times.

Peace and love and thanks to my niece Danelle (and all the kayakers)  for honoring my journey

and to everyone else who has given me positive love and support.  Stay safe and be open to the

lessons in front of you.


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